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Jook Dem Macka

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  1. Govi Govi, yeah, the gyal dem say dem love your plait-up head No, mi Don, a true me jook dem hotter than a macka peg Alright, then, huh!, top jockey, Thoroughbred Gyal clown, your gyal a beg in a lotto bed Gyal a say me fresh, "A wha' you bathe with, breeze?"" Neck full of ice, you no 'fraid it freeze?" Diddy Don bere gyal a swarm like bees.
  2. Dort begegnen dem Hörer auf Plateausohlen und geschminkt viele alte Bekannte: juzpcreamthencatchzenbackmulcidefenquafon.coinfo natürlich, Sweet, Slade, Mott The Hoople, Wizzard, Cockney Rebel - die Party Helden der Jugend jener Zeit, Hitmusik mit ganz viel Attitüde. The Jook, und die Rah-Band sind vertreten und machen die Box so zur Entdeckungsreise in bisher kaum Gehörtes. Der /5(12).
  3. Hopefully, as they set their derrières down on these boards, "macka" will not "jook dem", nor will red ants bite them. But seriously, though, there is no need for all these boards.
  4. This one here jook you like a macka Say you a badman fine And you don't step and left your gun no time Say them heartless and mean when them a step with them team Now a white suit and tape from forensic Steppa steppa a no pettie thief steppa a no taker Man nah step fi the worst man ago step for the betta Step inna Great Britain step inna merry.
  5. Go anywhere go buss dem head, nuh want a dollar we Not even time we haffi spend we fuk dem gyal ya free Mi have the 90 clip extend so weh some man a pree A true we stack the G, like we sell a lot a key Den kill dem gyal wid jook, like a macka tree Shot dem mek dem find demself, fuk wid one a we Put the trigger under bondage, set the hammer free.
  6. Sep 22,  · The trolling memes were unending for internet personality Mackerel when she went viral for a series of videos earlier this year. From her name and appearance, to her ‘comedic’ content and musical efforts, nothing was overlooked by fake profile users who sought to ridicule the young woman. Though social media was non-existent when Macka Diamond entered the music business in the late .
  7. [Intro] Yow yow (Yo, yo) DJ, Mi dawg dem a mi dawg dem (DJ, my dogs are my dogs) Nutt'n too cyaah out fi mi diss di dwag dem enuh (Nothing can really make me diss my dogs) Gaza Genocide [Chorus: Vybz Kartel] My dawg dem haffi live (My dogs have to live) Mi dawg dem haffi live (My dogs have to live) F**k a bag a gyal in a dem hole (F**k a lot of girls in their hole) And who nuh like how wi a.

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